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Only in Louisiana presents an unseen side of the Bayou State that will amaze and delight you, whether you are a tourist or a lifetime resident.

You'll meet Henry Neubig, the virtuoso painter who uses mud for his palette, and Kathy Richard who makes exotic jewelry from alligator teeth. You'll taste the incredible food of choice restaurants that only the locals know about.

You'll get a rare inside look at voodoo customs and practices, and spend an evening bent over in laughter at the International Cajun Joke Tellin' Contest. And did you know Louisiana has a canyon, a waterfall, a mountain,... even a Buddha temple? Whatever your inclination, you'll find something here to intrigue you.

Gaze upon a 100,000-year-old pine knot and partake of a 5,000-egg omelet. You'll step inside the world's smallest church and make pilgrimages to sites where fame and fate have crossed paths.

The people, places, and attractions in this book are a sample of the exciting diversity of our state, and they're waiting for anyone who likes the thrill of adventure and discovery.

ISBN: 937552569; Author: Odom, Keith; Publisher: Quail Ridge Press; Format: Paperback

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