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ISBN: 0440414725; Author: Schroeder, Alan; Publisher: Bantam Doubleday - Dell Picture Yearling; Format: Paperback; On hot summer nights in New Orleans, a boy named Louis Armstrong would peek under the swinging doors of Economy Hall and listen to the jazz band. Friday nights were the best -- then Bunk Johnson would blow his cornet till the roof trembled. More than anything else, Louis wanted to be like Bunk Johnson: aim his horn straight up at the night sky and set the stars spinning. One day Louis saw a real brass cornet in a pawnshop window. The sign said five dollars. Louis took all the jobs he could find to earn that money. Every day he practiced blowing an imaginary horn. It was a dream he wouldn't give up, a dream that carried him all the way to the top and won him millions of fans who still listen to the legendary music of Satchmo.

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